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Our History

The Fold is a registered Private hostel founded in 2009 by Paul and Micky Prince. Based on a concept first tried out in Sweden, which was a series of small houses for the children, not a "block". Each house accommodates between 6 - 8 children, of different ages, and the children are looked after by a house mother.
Paul and Micky spent a lot of time researching orphanages and childrens homes in South Africa and found that some were just places of "storage".
They wanted to help children in need and create a loving, caring environment which the children, throughout their lives, would regard as home.
The first house, named Ruth House, was ready in summer 2010, then following a thorough search for good house parents, the first children were welcomed into The Fold by Christmas of that year. The second house, named Michael House was opened in September 2012 and is also full. A third house, named Dorothy House was opened in January 2016. A fourth house was opened in January 2018. We now have 32 children in our care.

Our own private school was opened on the property in January 2016 for a quality education with individual learning for each child’s special needs.
The Fold's MISSION is to help vulnerable and orphaned children in the Limpopo area. Some, inevitably, have health problems, and they are well looked after by experienced staff.
Paul and Micky are driven by their Christian faith, and their Christian values are evident in all that The Fold tries to achieve.

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