Paul and Micky Staff

Paul and Micky Prince - Founders

Micky handles the never-ending admin and makes sure The Fold complies with government and social department regulations. Paul handles the day to day maintenance around the property, training of the staff, and is a father figure for the children.

They oversee the day-to day running of The Fold, and have a tremendous dedication and commitment to helping children, who otherwise would have had little hope in life.

Paul and Micky both work hard at fund-raising in the US, where they have many supporters as well as in South Africa and the UK.

duPlessis Family

Philip, Retha, Megan (9yr) and Dawid (3yr) du Plessis

The du Plessis family joined The Fold Children's Home in August 2015 after searching for a place to serve in ministry. Their passion brought them to The Fold where they could help others by using skills and experience gained from Gateway International (a youth organization). Their desire is to become a blessing to the children and to do what was in their hearts all along.

Philip helps Paul on all the day to day maintenance and assists the children with their homework, as well as taking the Vegetable Garden under his wings and helping with new projects at hand. Retha is hands on with all that happens in the houses. She is responsible for the training of housemothers as well as sorting and separating the resources e. g. food and donated goods etc.Both are amazed to work with the children and see the difference they can make on a daily basis. Their children Megan and Dawid are loving it here as they have children to play with but also help out where they can.

The Fold is very blessed to have this family on staff.


Our Current House Mothers

These are very special people. They look after the children, are responsible for the housework, cooking and teaching how to care for themselves, others, and are "mothers" in their lives.

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Assistant House Mother

Assistant House Mother


Marcus and Bless
Our gardeners and maintenance men. They look after the property, and are a huge help in the market garden. They do the planting, watering, weeding and harvesting, and keeps The Fold's kitchens full of fresh vegetables. They also look after the chickens to fill the freezer's and supply fresh eggs for the houses.


School Coordinator









Michael House
Kedibone is the house mother in Michael house.
Ruth House
Magdeline is the house mother in Ruth house.
Dorothy House
Mapula is the house mother in Dorothy house.
Olivia House
Francina is house mother in Olivia House